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A summer fling with Bohol

Two days and one night are not enough to explore this beautiful place but everything that happened and what I experienced on that short stay is more than enough to inspire me for a lifetime.

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The Pawikan River Cruise did not only re-fueled us with is sumptuous meal – after an almost 3-hour travel time on land and sea – but also filled our eyes with wonder on the luscious greens and our ears with dynamic music. But what stood out was the visit to the Ati tribe. Experiencing a different culture has been my primary goal when I travel and this Bohol trip hit the nail just like that. I had a marvelous time jamming with the “band” of this small community, and how could I forget that peck on my cheek by a little girl?

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We also went to a cave which they called Hinagdanan because of the stairs-like rock formation which served as pathways. What’s interesting is the lukewarm, crystal clear water inside the cave which the tourists delightfully bathe in. I just wonder if it were clean considering the bats overhead? ☺

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And of course, we absolutely made sure not to miss Bohol’s finest features. We went to a sanctuary for tarsiers and Juneaue was amazed when his eye caught one. I saw him stare at it in awe with his jaw dropped, it was a funny sight! It was my first time to see these so-called “smallest monkeys” up close, but they were so quiet and hidden and I was only lucky enough to see three among many. It was so fascinating to learn how come they’re so few- too lazy and slow to produce for its generation and too emotional to continue living when faced with “adversities” (I’ll let Wikipedia explain that further). ☺

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After a quick rendezvous with the tarsiers, we drove to one of the world’s seven wonders – The Chocolate Hills. We had to endure numerous levels of stairs which felt like forever but seeing the view at the top was all worth it. Juno was so eager to get to the peak and did not seem to mind his aching tiny legs from climbing. When we got to the final level, I was deeply astonished. For indeed, the pictures from the postcards came into life. At times like this you can just can’t help but admire God and Mother Nature for creating such masterpiece.

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Lastly, what’s a summer vacation without the sand and sea. Panglao is famous to beach-goers and we headed right away to Alona just right before sunset. The next day, all we did was laze around by the beach. Good times, definitely. ♥

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One love,

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Kapag Tumibok ang Puso – Mars & Joey w/ Armin

Here’s our acoustic version of the 90’s hit by Donna Cruz. I felt giggly while singing it, it brought back a lot of happy memories!

One love,

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Conquering Claustrophobia

They say having wild imagination is a gift. Although sometimes I regret having it as I feel that it is to blame for my numerous types of fears. One of which are enclosed spaces. Make the place pitch dark and I know I will die from hyperventilation. I don’t understand why… It just seems that I’m being engulfed by an unseen, inescapable force.

Many times I come grasping for breath. Some days are worse as the “drowning” feeling comes with a terrible headache. When I sought for medical help way back, I was told that these are all just a state of mind. This is something that I agreed to eventually, as all the tests that I underwent showed that there really was nothing wrong with my heart or lungs.

It took me some time to ride elevators, as going to and from the office will require me to endure so. Being on the night shift is a blessing as I do not have to ride the subways or the overly crowded transportation and meet heavy traffics anytime. One time at a crowded church, everything around me went black and I almost fainted. Good thing I was able to hold on to something.

Because of these occurrences, I try hard to avoid getting myself in such situations. If it can’t be helped, I make sure I have someone with me- 1, to help me in case I faint or hyperventilate or 2- to help me divert my mind from my fears.

Despite this, however, my adventurous spirit will not waver. September of 2014, my partner and I went to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam wherein I had a chance to experience the Cu Chi Tunnels.

Cu Chi Tunnels are underground tunnels that were used in the U.S. Vietnam War back in the 1960’s. We had a good tour around the place and I was so impressed on how smart these military bases were made. I also sort of imagined how their lives could have felt back then. Several scenes from the movie “The Deer Hunter” was playing in my mind. I tried to stay positive so as not to ruin a nice travel, I silently thanked God that those days of war were over.

I concentrated my energies on the challenge ahead. My partner said that the last time they went here, they were only able to finish Level 1. I was determined to go through the very last stage, although a part of me is worried what might happen to me underneath. I was thinking ‘what if I collapse?’. I did not want to make a commotion and be a nuisance to my fellow travelers.

Fast forward to the end of the story, albeit all fears, I made it out of the tunnels alive. So how did I survive? Since I was the first on the line, I kept telling myself that I had to move on as there are people behind me. A voice on my head was urging me to go on as there is a sure way of getting out. Nothing could ever go wrong.

And true enough, our minds are stronger than all our fears combined together. My claustrophobia might strike again in another time or place, but nevertheless, I am sure there is a way to conquer it. And so I say to claustrophobia and to all the other things I am afraid of, bring it on. ☺♥

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One love,

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